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Karelian and Vepsian Online Course

Karelian and Vepsian languages ​​is now possible to study online. A basic course is available for free on the website of the electronic educational resources of Petrozavodsk State University. Sign up by requesting login and password via email admin-portal@petrsu.ru and start learning at www.webct.ru.

The Vepsian version of course was prepared by PhD Olga Zhukova, who teaches the language at the Department of Baltic Finnish Languages of at Petrozavodsk State University.

The textbook of Elena Ruppieva "Sanalipas" laid the basis for the Karelian language course (Livvi dialect). The textbook and the course contain material that Elena Rippieva has accumulated over the years working as a Karelian language course for adults at the Republican Centre for National Cultures and Folk Arts. Bright illustrations were made by the famous Karelian artist Anastasia Solomesh.

Online course is a result of the project "Baltic Finnic Languages ​​of Karelia: New Opportunities", implemented by Centre "Young Karelia" with financial support of the Ministry  of National Politics of the Republic of Karelia. Department of Digital Educational Resources of Petrozavodsk State University prepared a technical platform for the online course.